JEN SCHUMAN | You Are Mom Enough
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You Are Mom Enough

WIC is a government resource that provides food vouchers for struggling parents with children up to the age of 4. WIC needed a campaign to encourage moms to join or stay in the program.


Our strategy team discovered that many moms chose not get the monitory help in order to avoid the stigma of using food stamps. This campaign helps remove the stigma by highlighting all the hard work parents do, showing that there is no shame in getting a little help from WIC.


WIC wanted the ads to feel approachable and less like a typical government ad. We used a strong/rough font to represent the strength it takes to be a Mom. We played on the word Mom and used it in phrases that are often associated with strength in men. These play on words work well to honor Moms for all they do in an engaging way that everyone can relate to. 


June 4, 2015


Campaigns, Digital, Print