JEN SCHUMAN | Senior Art Director
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Art Director / Graphic Designer

With 7 years of experience working in Advertising and Graphic Design, from coast to coast, I have the conceptual skills to create campaigns and build brands and the technical skills to produce digital and print pieces. I have designed and art directed for a variety of styles and brands, from emotional or funny to modern and sleek.
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Clean Elections Campaign – 2014

In Campaigns, Digital, Outdoor, Print, Video

Created the 2014 campaign for Clean Elections, the voters resource for clear candidate information in a confusing and noisy political world.

Bright Set Entertainment

In Logo Design

I designed a logo for Bright Set Entertainment, a booking company that connects venues with great bands.

Clean Elections Campaign – 2013

In Campaigns, Digital, Logo Design, Outdoor, Print, Video

This campaign starts as a wholesome straightforward message and is later interrupted in every medium by an ominous character.

Audio Engine Website

In Digital

I designed and Art Directed a responsive website for Audio Engine, from the wireframes to the completed design.

Valley Metro Infographic

In B2B, Digital

I created an infographic for Valley Metro’s Transit Guide Booklet that is distributed state-wide.

You Are Mom Enough

In Campaigns, Digital, Print

This is another campaign option we presented to WIC, the food stamp program.

We Stand Behind Moms

In Campaigns, Digital, Logo Design, Print

This campaign helps remove the stigma of using WIC food stamps by encouraging everyone to stand behind moms; instead of judging them for getting a little extra help for their family.

You do A Lot, We Help A Little

In Campaigns, Digital, Logo Design, Print, Video

This campaign helps lessen the negative stigma that often comes with using the WIC food stamp program and encourages parents to enroll.

Code Red-i

In Digital

We created Code Red-i's website to launch their business as well as a sizzle video showcasing their team and talents.

Kolb Studio Website

In Digital

Created a website to increase donates for the restoration of the historic Kolb Brothers photo studio, that was built on the edge of the Grand Canyon.

AOM – Adroit Operations Management

In Logo Design

I Designed a logo for AOM, a piece of software that helps construction companies streamline their employees work and have better communication during projects.

Grand Canyon University

In Outdoor, Print, Video

Created Billboards, Transit Shelters, Radio and TV spots to showcase GCU's affordability, quality education and christian values.

Couldn’t Car Less

In Campaigns, Digital, Logo Design, Print

This campaign reminds people of all the benefits not using a car offers in a humorous way.